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Originally Posted by colinmiller View Post
There's the majority of the market who are in the middle.
But are these so-called people in the middle actually 'a market'?

(And let's recall that you maintain that 'the middle' is 'the majority', ie folks who run some legal and some cracked software.)

I maintain that these people you speak of are not in fact 'a market'. They have had the choice between buying your software and stealing it and have chosen the latter. This makes them thieves not clients. Can you explain how any sane business plan would include people in this category as 'a market'?

So this leaves us in the situation we are in today which is that the group of people who are actually 'the market' are blighted and hassled with dongles and iLoks and arcane installation nonsense all for what purpose exactly? As an imagined defence against a totally different group of people? Who profits from this?

You are going after the wrong group - indeed, as I'm sure you're aware, you are actually driving people out of the actual market group by attrition because there are a growing number of honest customers like myself who have vowed never again to purchase or use any music software that requires the use of a dongle or similarly invasive copy-protection.