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Well this is a real late reply post, but for those of you who find this post later, I hope you find my reply informative.

The 642 is MUCH cleaner the 622, and the 642B, the black face version, not the blue, is even beyond it.

I use my 642 much more than my CP-10 (my roomate likes to use the Meyer for his DJ rig).

In my book, the fine-frequency knobs (labeled ''vernier'') should be present on all parametrics, with knobs smaller than a Urei 565!
This feature is why I'm quite sure it's why I choose it over the CP-10 almost all the time.
Being able to find the true ''sweet spot'' is a beautiful thing.
I'm sure you've likely tried to compensate for a not-so-perfect aural situation while micing female vocals, and choose to eq it. I recall often touching the knob so slightly, to try to make a very small incremental change, and the knob always moves too far.
-->Problem solved!!!<---

The only EQ I own, that I like the ''sound'' of more, is my Sony MU-E041's.
I've got four in a rack with an API 3124, that sound real good.

Where this problem applies to digital equalization, is the math. Most digital eq's are only adjustable with the divisions of it's sample rate. You can get closer than many analogue units but still not as perfect as the 642.