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Originally Posted by IMSTA View Post
There are users who will never buy their software, no matter how little it costs.
True. And very unlikely to be bona-fide industry pro's.

Originally Posted by IMSTA View Post
Then, there are those who will always buy, no matter how much it costs.
Also true. Most industry professionals fall into this category.

Originally Posted by IMSTA View Post
However, there are those who buy some of their software and use cracked versions for some other ones. Any fluctuation in sales depends on whether this group buys or not.
But who is this group exactly, and how much do they really affect sales and why?

Why would some 17-year old college kid be buying some plug-ins and not others?

And why would a bona-fide studio or producer shell out for some expensive software and risk it all by installing a few cheap cracks? No one I know for sure.

I can't see how this group of people (and it seems an excessively broad and ill-defined group) is a sensible market to go after, and even if it was aren't these the folks that are most likely to be swayed by arcane and intrusive copy-protection? If you want to move more of these people into category 2 isn't the right way to do this to make purchasing and installing the software as trouble-free as possible? Otherwise you simply drive them in the other direction?