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Originally Posted by SKyflash34 View Post
I'm hoping around early Fall I'll be looking at getting a mini.
Well, if you're lucky they will have given it a speed bump by then. It still irks me that the fastest Mini not as fast as the bottom-of-the-range iMac, and that the reason for this is entirely marketing rather than capacity. If there was a like 2.75GHz/500GB HD option for the Mini I would have paid an extra few hundred bucks for it.

Anyway, I'm over it and busy making music now. I only buy a new Mac every 4-5 years, hopefully I'm good to go for a few more productive ones with this one!

Originally Posted by tekis View Post
Just transfer things piecemeal.
Yup - done that. When I sat down and looked at it the process was fairly simple, once you know where to find certain files like your domain file for iWeb and Logic's user plug-in presets etc. Put my PB in FW target mode and had the whole thing done in a few hours.