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Old 21st May 2009
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With all that has been said on this thread, it STILL stands that most legit software users ENDORSE some form of protection. However, there is a twofold hurdle for the developers to overcome:

1 - Allow a reasonable demo period for the software. 14 days is a joke. 30 days is a realistic period to a) get your head around the program and b) see if it fits your work flow. THIS period can have any kind of PITA, call home type protection the developers need to secure their investment. After all, it's free and TEMPORARY.

2 - Provide an smart, convenient, and hopefully compact source of protection that doesn't require the end user to do any type of technological backflips to work.

I mean, really.... I have a 16GB mem stick that is slightly larger than a door key. Programming PROFESSIONALS can't develop a solution with as much portability?