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That's probably why Pro Tools which was never cracked became the industry leader . Flawed conclusions .
IMHO PT could become what they are because they were never cracked and had the funds to develop .

Do you really think that we wouldn't be using software had it not been cracked ?like UAD for ex .
i certainly didn't put all the money i put on UAD without warez (that my story, i don't say warez are good) .

you're talking about the pro market and it's a different story,

i'm talking about the home studio market that exploded during 90's (that was the begining of low cost ITB mixing technology), using massively warez. warez created a market of studient non professional, that became juicy for software editor when those poor studient became people with income.

avid certainly make more money with PT LE today (with the home studio market and that's why they did it, because they knew those studient with warez would use legal software and want more professionnal tools) than with PT HD.

nowadays the main market for software editors is the home studio market, not the pro studio market, and IMO this market was created in a huge part by warez.

that's my point.