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That's probably why Pro Tools which was never cracked became the industry leader . Flawed conclusions .
IMHO PT could become what they are because they were never cracked and had the funds to develop .
PT Free was cracked and Digidesign stopped developing and distributing it. (The crack removed the track limitation).

Anyway, there are many reasons why Digidesign gained the customers they gained. The main reason is probably that it was much cheaper than the alternatives of the day. Either way, I doubt it had much to do with copy protection.

Do you really think that we wouldn't be using software had it not been cracked ?like UAD for ex .
No one is saying that. What choukette is saying is that many people chose the software they use not because of it's inherent merits but simply because they happened to have an illegal copy of that software when they started.

That was the case with me. Someone gave me a copy of Cakewalk Pro Audio 7. I had no idea about DAWs. I just played the guitar. After playing with CWPA for a couple of months I decided I liked it, bought it and I have been a loyal customer since. Had I received a copy of another DAW I might well be a loyal customer of that DAW instead.

Since then I have invested 40,000 Euro plus in audio software and hardware.

I know many people that started this way. (The vast majority). There is a whole group of potential customers that, for instance, Steinberg are missing out on with their tight copy protection (and lack of free demo).