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I'm especially curious about Logic's performance on the Mini.
OK. Ran some preliminary tests in Logic by loading up some old songs...

I can only evaluate how the Mini compares to my old Powerbook 12" - I can't comment on the relative performance of the Mini vs other Mac models, sorry.

The first thing I did was switch the I/O Buffer size in Logic to 32 samples as opposed to the 512 I was used to running at! The Mini never missed a beat and suddenly all my MIDI instruments are totally playable in realtime, monitoring out and back through the Metric Halo interfaces very responsively indeed. Cool. Call me old school but I still employ a lot of MIDI synths in my productions. Oh, and the Emagic amt8 works fine too, as expected - just be sure to click on the right box under the 'Hardware' category when you install Logic so the drivers get installed.

Songs which completely maxed out the PB CPU are registering about 1/3 of one of the Mini's Dual Core processors - nice!

HD meter barely registering but this was hardly an issue before with my old set-up - even at FW400 my La Cie 7200rpm Extreme drives have never been a bottleneck and can capably run dozens of tracks simultaneously.

The graphics remain extremely zippy while a complex song is running. As it should be.

The Mini's fan has come on but it's extremely quiet and not distracted me at all, and the unit is really quite close to my ears and my monitors. I'm very fussy about this, believe me I'd notice if I felt it was an issue. I have never understood folks even in big studios who seem to be able to work with a large G5 or Mac Pro grinding away noisily on the floor under their mixer. I demand silence in the studio and the Mini gets very close.

Seems like one by one the apprehensions I laid out in the first post are turning out to be non-issues. Thus far I conclude that the new Mini looks like a thoroughly capable machine for running Logic Studio, at least for my mid-level needs.

I swear all my tracks sound better too! Just kiddin'! heh