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Old 21st May 2009
Lives for gear

Measuring the effect is impossible because not only would a company have to know how many illegitimate copies there are, but you would also have to know how many people who got cracks would have bought the original product.

This is not possible because there are
many people who buy into the concept that tools make you a producer.
They learn that artist XY uses this or that programs so they think they just need those and will instantly be great producers themselves.
Only a small percentage of these people would have bought the original product.

people who collect software. The cracked software is a trophy (the more exclusive the better) and will never be used.
None of these would have bought the original software.

people who can`t afford the original software and are unwilling to use the light versions.
Without cracked versions available these would probably use inexpensive solutions like Fruity Loops, Magix Music Maker, Garage Band, Reaper instead of a light version.
I think this is the group that is most likely to pay something if cracks are unavailable.
As far as students are concerned, there are less expensive licenses available but (no surprise) the developers aren`t too vocal about this so many potential buyers don`t know about it and use cracks instead.

Maybe there are more reasons why an individual uses cracked software.