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using audiowarez when i was a studient lead me to spend more than 50000 €uros in audio software and hardware (because since i have a job i can afford them).

without them, and like many "home producer" i don't spend any euros in this market.

the main point of view here is : how many software editors crush down due to piracy ?

my point is : how many software editors are here today because of the so many studients that use audiowarez in the early 90's and buy their softwares today ?

here is to me the mesurable (and positive) effect of piracy.

you can kill me now
That's probably why Pro Tools which was never cracked became the industry leader . Flawed conclusions .
IMHO PT could become what they are because they were never cracked and had the funds to develop .

Do you really think that we wouldn't be using software had it not been cracked ?like UAD for ex .