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Well ... I'm sorry ... but I don't think I should EVER have to download and install new applications, drivers, etc. and set-up multiple internet accounts just to get security to work. It's ridiculous. And as I pointed out, it was NOT just the first time - the 2nd set of plugs was equally bad if not worse.

Actually Waves could, like other vendors, install more of the required software within their own installer. However, in many cases this market has indicated that they want activation to be independent. That is not forcing the DAW to be connected to the Internet. has a simple plugin and USB driver that you need to install so that it can communicate with the iLok. Multiple vendors can use the same account to deposit. It is rather painless. That said, we are always working to make it easier. We realize there are some customers with 1 iLok and 1 vendors products and then some customers in the middle and also the power users. Thank you for your comments.