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I think part of one person's problem is trying to do everything on 2 computers and run back and forth. Of course that's coing to be a pain. But not because of the protection, but because it's not designed with the intent of someone running back and forth between two computers to register stuff.
Why ISN'T it set up like that? A lot of people (like myself) work between multiple workstations in multiple locations.

Originally Posted by colinmiller View Post
As for someone suggesting to lower the prices and do away with protction? That's an oxy moron. That protection is to keep the prices down. If they get rid of the protection, then the piracy goes up and they have to charge more money to stay in business.
Oxymoron? I don't think anyone is saying to do away with protection - just don't make it a pain in the butt for paying customers. I mean, if we're subsidizing the pirates, shouldn't the SW companies at least try to make the experience more convenient for us? Where's the love?

As far as the idea of protection keeping prices down, I strongly disagree. For some, like myself, high prices and cumbersome protection methods are factors that would DETER me from buying a product.

So, SW companies make a profit by selling licenses, right? The more licenses they sell, the more profit they make. Doesn't it stand to reason that if they kept their prices low and used reasonable protection methods, they'd sell more licenses (earning larger profits)? They'd also reap the benefits of a larger user base, possibly higher profits from upgrades, increased word of mouth, etc. Seems like a net win for everyone, no?

Just look at how many folks have joined the Reaper movement. Doesn't that show you anything? Look at Apple ditching dongles for Logic and lowering the price. Do you think that's decreased their sales? Sounds like a smart move to me.