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Any more experiences to add?
Yes! Sent the darn thing back!

The noisy DVD-Drive issue I refer to in my second post was totally unacceptable so back it went. First time I've had to do that in 20-odd years of Mac use! To be fair, one phone call and Apple sent a replacement out immediately no questions asked, and the courier company collected the duff model. FWIW the bad DRD-drive was an OPTIARC. On the Apple Forums a few folks are reporting similar issues with this drive. My replacement Mini has a Pioneer DVD Drive which sounds several orders of magnitude quieter and healthier! My DVD drive in the first Mini was definitely seriously defective.

Anyhoo... all this means I've only just got around to having 4 hours free to install all 42GB of Logic Studio! Will do some tests over the next few days, but they will be on my own stuff not hypothetical benchmarks, sorry.

One thing I can report on already - this is one seriously quiet Mac! I am used to building soundproof enclosures for my previous Macs, whereas I think this one will be fine just sitting on my desktop. This is really good news.

I really do like the Mini footprint and format: gives new meaning to the words 'drop-in replacement'.

One word of caution, particularly to those using non-Apple screens, which will by default be a lot of Mini users - 10.5.7 seems to be causing some serious screen resolution issues according to a slew of Apple Forum posts. My advice to anyone reading this is not to upgrade from 10.5.6 yet until they've sorted this out.