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As for someone suggesting to lower the prices and do away with protction? That's an oxy moron. That protection is to keep the prices down. If they get rid of the protection, then the piracy goes up and they have to charge more money to stay in business.
This is circular logic and that is exactly what is being contended.

I was expecting Angus Baigent to tell us that Steinberg saw a dramatic increase in sales for C4 and C5 as it has uncracked copy protection. His answers hints at there not being any dramatic sales increase (or any at all).

I would be suspicious before making any purchase with a company that uses no copy protection. I see the protection as a sign that the company is looking out for its users.
Or looking out for their Christmas bonuses... Do you believe that Cakewalk sell less copies of Sonar than Steinberg do of Cubase? Sonar only has a very easy serial code protection scheme. No dongle and no challenge response.

Logic is harder to compare to as Apple dramatically dropped the pricing and bundled all their pro audio tools into one "cheap" product.

Many users on the Sonar forum explicitely say that they use Sonar because Cakewalk trusts it's customers and does not have draconian copy protection (including quite a few disgruntled Steinberg customers). In this case the easy copy protection increases sales for Cakewalk.

I guess it depends on the point of view of the customer. For people like you the strong Copy Protection is a bonus. For others it is a negative. For me personally it is a bonus if it really works and is uncrackable otherwise it is a huge negative.