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Originally Posted by mxeryus View Post
Your accountant (well, you do fill in your IRS/VAT/tax forms, don't you?) should be able to give a statement that you only use official software.
Yes I fill in my IRS/VAT/etc forms and it is the single thing I most hate in business (maybe even life). I don't want more administration just to prove I am honest.

Anyway, the accountant still has no way of knowing that a person doesn't have more software installed than what they paid for. (And I am not talking about freeware). I see no cheap (read cost effective) way of checking whether someone is or isn't using illegal copies of software.

I don't know if there has been any research on the source of pirated software, but in my experience about 80 percent of software is illegally copied by employees who did not pay for the software themselves (as it was bought by their employer).
Is that the case with audio software? (Is that even still true for other types of software?) It certainly can't be true of anything involving a dongle as it needs to be cracked to work without the dongle. The same goes for any copy protection using a system ID or anything else based on the hardware in the DAW.

Doing (legitimate) searches for products on Google returns many dubious pages. I am guessing the vast majority of illegal copies come from the internet and only a tiny percentage from the employees work place.

For the rest of your post, it seems like preaching to the choir. Honest businesses will agree but they have nothing to prove. Dishonest businesses probably couldn't care less.

I don't want to sound so negative but any solution to this problem needs to be relatively water tight or it is a waste of time and a distraction from other potential solutions to he illegal software problem.