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Old 19th May 2009
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At the end of last year, I upgraded to EW Platinum Orchestra. I have been a many year supporter of EW and I own many of their libraries among those of many other outfits. I remember when EW (Doug) had a thread going on their site a couple years back re going to ilok cp. I protested then that it was unfair to make long time supporters jump through new hoops and that if they went to ilok, I could not continue to support the company. Well, with that said, I still very much wanted the Platinum plus orchestra when I could afford it so I bit the bullet and I bought it for my new machine which I had built at the same time.

All those ilok registrations for all those various libraries. That's just crazy man. Anyway, I was able to get the library authorized (or at least it appeared to be) but there was a major glitch. I have had a long time ilok account because I also own a Muse receptor which requires it's own ilok. But for some inexplicable reason my account does not now show the EW platinum libraries as authorized but it does still show the one for the Receptor. The one time and only one time I ran the platinum libraries (last january), it accepted the ilok authorization. I remember I called ilok and was told that they did not have a answer for how it could be that my account did not show show my new Platinum library. Have you guys experienced any other users with this problem and what the heck can I do to make my ilok account show my EW Platinum Play library.