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Software is -like hardware- an asset. I think the majority of studios (project-, mxing-, tracking- and mastering-) are run as a business, so asset management should already be in place. For hardware without a serial, you can not get free repairs; for software without a license, you can not get free support - and your insurance company would require a detailed list of all your assets anyway.

A company is proud to have vintage SSL/Neve/Fairchild etc. stuff - so why would a company not be proud to only use official licenses and support further research and development? For a small fee you should het an official license registration (at IMSTA for example) and in return you would be authorized to use a small logo on your website, ads and so on. Your accountant (well, you do fill in your IRS/VAT/tax forms, don't you?) should be able to give a statement that you only use official software. This statement (a sample form should be provided by the IMSTA or other counterparts) should be sent to the organization. A revoked license should be published and is extremely bad (publicity) for business - once your name is on the Internet, it will be there for a very, very long time.

I don't know if there has been any research on the source of pirated software, but in my experience about 80 percent of software is illegally copied by employees who did not pay for the software themselves (as it was bought by their employer). In my small company (less than 10 people), the use of unauthorized software is prohibited. All software is in a safe, so nobody can make a copy for any use without me knowing it. A second copied set is in another safe in another location (for backup/disaster recovery). So I have cut down the source and all my people know how I think about piracy - some employees would have a very bad day if they found out that their masterpiece is illegally copied and distributed and they would not receive any royalties for it.

All this was triggered by a nice warning in German public transport - not telling you that you have to pay for a ticket, but that your fellow passengers also paid for their ticket and so should you. Same message, but brought in a positive way - and c'est la ton que fait la musique!

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