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Laser, I will be as polite as possible.

I read this thread from top to bottom... and I think you are approaching the problem from the wrong side, and you have an attitude problem. I read some of the best replys, by great AE's, which you totally discarted because they where brave enough to be honest with you. On your original post which was very interesting, (the i need some more.. this.. etc etc) I thought you knew what you were looking for. But in my honest opinion, YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR! Dude, stop saying you have great ears (CAUSE YOU PROBABLY DON"T), if you really would , I think you would stop braggin about them.. And last, your problem is not gear, it's that you are doing B-Side songs you don't even like or feel proud off. Think about it for a sec. If you do drugs (which I don't), use them to inspire you on making great songs, after you have mastered THAT part, everything else will fall into place. I will probably end up in your ignore list, and that is cool.. but if you would like to discuss songwriting PM me and I will be more than happy to share my opinions with you. I have been doing B-Sides for years, and would always blame the GEAR, the AE, the room.....,the list could go on for ever... now that I like the songs I'm doing, for some misterious reason I also like the way they sound. Learn to drive a car before buying more Ferrari's.. is all I can say to you. By the way, do you have a clue of the big names answering to your other posts ???? grudge
Yea but you don't have to be an ASS about it.tutt

Laser has been very cool about the whole thing, most of you guys are just idiots.
What you guys said was like a teacher telling a 1st grader if you can't read you will never read. All you ME was not always ME you had to start out somewhere, don't forget where you come from.Truth be told most of you guys are scared because people
theses days are doing great work at home (mastering included) and don't need your expensive asses anymore. stay positive