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At the end of last year, I purchased my first set of plug-ins that required iLok from "the" best known plug-in company. While I am generally happy with the plug-ins, even very happy with a few of them, I can tell you that if I knew then what I know now about what a total PITA the iLok authorization process was, there is NO WAY I would have purchased those plugs or any that required iLok. I would absolutely limit my purchases to plugs that had challenge/response or other simpler authorization methods.

If I ever have to start over or build another system, I will avoid iLok like the plague unless it is simplified by an order of magnitude. So, if you indeed welcome suggestions, mine is that you must simplify the process and eliminate 1/2 or more of the steps. My DAW is NOT on the internet (frankly I don't know why anyone would have their DAW on the net) and the process is terrible.
KenM (MatsonMusicBox),
I would welcome to know more about your experience. You can post here. It sounds like you have a problem with the implementation made by the software publisher. You can write to be directly if you wish by posting to a support incident <[email protected]>. We have over 85 vendors in this market that use iLok. Some also provide non-iLok activation using our tools. Most of these publishers distribute trial versions and full licenses via Customers can login, click to see what licenses they have, load them to their iLok and organize their licenses. I see the numbers daily of usage of this system. We take our support seriously and work to improve our systems.

The DAW itself need not be used - one of the main reasons we developed in the first place. The moving of licenses to and from the iLok is independent of the use of the DAW and the internet. Many studios access from the front office. The iLok is not a USB flash drive, so it cannot possibly carry any kind of virus.

Most publishers have worked hard to improve the use of our technology and the steps for their customers. We continue to work to make it very simple for users to get activated. Some users are very advanced, with many iloks and many licenses. Others have one iLok and one product. We are working to make the experience easier for everyone.

I would welcome specifics about the publisher you are referencing. Was the activation inline?

What specific problem did you have with the iLok or Many people like the portability and convenience of the iLok. It gives them independence from C/R rules or the pain of contacting many companies in many time zones to re-activate each time you upgrade your system.