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To know the exact effect of piracy on the sales of a given software product, one needs the participation and honesty of ALL the legit and ALL the cracked users of that software product. Anything else would be an educated guess reached through the use of sampling and statistics.

Nonetheless, sampling is the only practical way to answer such questions. However, to add integrity to the data collected, the researching organization must conduct similar studies for several years in order to compare data, analyze trends, and take other factors such as the state of the economy into account. Plus, this information has to be collected globally and not just for one country.

In the last quarter of 2008, IMSTA deployed its “Let’s Talk Piracy” survey on a global level and will continue to do the same annually. Over the next several years, IMSTA will be able to fine-tune the survey and use collected data to answer many of the questions that are lingering around the subject of software piracy.