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Yeaaaahhhh.... so I'm back in and I've got another story

One of my favorite momento's was the time a band's (drum?) tech popped my assistent in the head with a rubber mallet. The assistant wanted to know what the hammer in his tool box was for, Mr. Tech replied "To finesse things into place" and popped him on the forehead. Poor dude had a nice quarter sized mark on his head for a few days. At least he stuck around for a bit after that.

Then there was the time I sorta kinda electrocuted a pair of guitar players shortly after I opened my own place. There was some kind of really nasty storm brewing and I was about to do a punch-in on the guitars when there was a huge bang, a snap and I saw a set of blue teeth (no fukkin' joke) fly past the window of the live room while I was looking at both players. Both of the the guitar players yelled while the lights dimmed and slowly came back up. The whole thing took probably a second and a half but it seemed like a few hours at the time.

After that, I damn well made sure that the insurance got paid when it was due.