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Still, thanks for that reply.
Maybe I should generalize the question a bit:

Do the costs of anti-piracy measures weigh up to the benefits?

And aren't these costs in a way being paid by legitimate customers?
In general the costs are not something that the customers could detect.The costs in relation to the prices you pay for your software is rather trivial. Do you worry about credit card clearing costs associated with your product, or the fees to move box inventory around?

As you may or may not be aware, PACE offers serial number, software activation and iLok licensing method. These methods can used in many different ways. The iLok is not required unless a software publisher requires it.

Over the years many software publishers have found the iLok to be a method that offers their paying customers the greatest flexibility in how they use their licenses. In addition, many customers have chosen iLok even when software licensing options are available.

It is up to us at PACE to continue to improve the experience and offer benefits for the end user. We welcome suggestions and dialog with the community.