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Disc Cutting and treble difference limiting,

I still am not sure why you want eliptical filtering unless you want to get the job done quickly. All the stuff I did for Waterlily or Chesky had lots of antiphase low end and just doing my homework on anylizing the tapes for the difficult bits till I got them to go right. I tend never to use vari pitch but make up a time sheet and do it all manually. I dont like the low end thumps from fast pitch and depth. Let the groves kiss now and again. Test playback with the Stanton disco special for misstraking etc.
On the vertical as long as it does not skip or crash into the Aluminium substrate gently increase the depth for the duration of that passage.
On Rock & Roll most of its loud most of the time and keeping to 24 minutes max you should have no difficulty averaging 0 vu to + 2 relative to 7 cms NAB 7inch singles
At the EXCHANGE many 12 inch 45's last only 7 or 8 mins
so run at about 120lines/inch and on DUB PLATES( Reggae) the bass will excede 100 microns sometimes nearer to 200 microns
Neuman or westrex heads. Ortophon cant handle the mechanical excursions.
The Germans were great at the lazy way of cutting. and just quote the DIN standard of boring low mod levels. Because their engineers just sclep the tape on and go using limiters and eliptics and preview computors. so dull and thin records wonderfull.
On the preview head come electronics it really does not matter about the top end and we never bother to EQ it as if it controlled to the last micron. We couldn't even be bothered to azimuth the preview. I have difficulty stopping Mobile Fidelity from going down the vari groove with some fancy Swiss computor to nestle in perfection of groove packing never mind what it does for the sound.
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