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! inch Tape

As a post script, Bob Ludwig has one , My tube electronics on a Spitz Rebuilt transport ATR102 series.
Yes cost is relatively high but for the results $50 a roll of tape is small beer relative to all the other artists expenses and fancy lunches.
I have also listened to 10 year old tapes such as Dan Swatz's Tuesday night music club and they have that made yesterday quaility. Not only is the noise floor important but the intergrity or Drop Out nature far less to give that line out sound.
As to someones comment on bass and comparing to Digital. Just compare bass on Digital to the line in to you digital converter! I am afraid the digital comes back leaner than the desk out.
I have never said Digital cannot work, I said more than 20 years ago it has got to be 400 Khz sampling and 24 Bit to satisfy the hearing mechanism. So 384KHz as the 8 times 48 is as near as damn it perfection.
But in digital most of the converters use what I call succesive approximation techniques even one bit. but the VIDEO
digital is usually for the speed FLASH converted. More distortion but less time distortion.
So don't get me started on a marathon session.
Tim de P