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Re: Re: Re: Speaker 'load" / soak boxes for guitar amp heads? Ever better than a mic?

Originally posted by Dave Martin
One of the guys who works over here regularly uses a Boogie Traxis and an Intellifex (along with a few stomp boxes). The resulting sound is far better than any of the amp simulators and in many cases, is exactly the sound we need. 10 year old technology that works...
The Triaxis has been my studio's "POD" for ten years now. I don't use the speaker simulator recording outputs much, but for flipping through sounds with a new guitarist, it's tough to beat. I like being able to quickly track a bit of one sound, store the settings, and then dial in a complimentary tone for it to dove tail with, while they're both still up in the monitors. We'll be working on the tone of the doubling track before the kit is even set-up for basics. It's a lot easier than trying to explain to the guitarist why we don't necessarily want his penultimate sound for basics that nothing else will layer with. They wrap their heads around guitar production much earlier in the game this way and can see the "forest through the trees" from the get-go. That little pre has been a big factor in a lot of repeat business from guitarists...