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Re: Speaker 'load" / soak boxes for guitar amp heads? Ever better than a mic?-

Originally posted by Jules

Palmer, Marxhall SE100, Groove Tubes. THC Hot Plate

Ever better than mic'ing up a speaker?
Those aren't DI boxes, all they do is reduce the volume of the amp, usually not much more then a bunch of resistors and some other junk. You still need to plug into a cab to present a load to the output tranny of the amp. Without that all you'll do is cook the amp and eventually kill it. Not cool and very expensive.

The last time I tried to get any serious distorted DI tones was about two years ago. The player brought in a Rocktron valve something. The producer and I spent about 45 minutes trying to get a good sound out of it because the player was set on using it. Finally we gave up and got a sound together with a real amp, cab and two mics in about 10 minutes.