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Old 2nd April 2003
I think almost ALL of you missed my point (or I made it in a confusing way)

Here's what I found after some research for a perfect punk pop sex pistols sound
Signal ONE

Les Paul Standard
Hot cake pedal with LOUD output (Max)
Engle Savage 120 SE turned up to be distorting but not too saturated..
Vintage cab - sm 57 / neve 1073 pre & EQ / 1176 / Fatso / Cranesong Hedd
Signal TWO

Engle amp head speaker out into ...

Marhshall SE100 speaker emulator / load box (set to no gain reduction, passing signal onto 4 x 12 cab) Setting "30 degrees" mic angle cab simulation

Gives AWESOME / usefull 'mid sound' signal minus all nasty 'paper tearing' buzz
Signal 3

Alternate vesion
instead of the Hot Cake pedal, we used a Digitech Valve FX get pre fed into the insert return section of the Engle (thus using the power amp section + cab only)

OK the marshall SE 100 sound is a little "Pod like" but it is damn usefull.

We used Time adjuster plug in within PT to line up the phase of all 3 signals with one sample increments and then combine them to one track. The SansAmp and MArshall speaker emulator both needed to be delayed to phase match the mic signal.

I feel a PodXT on the horizon, (I really want them to come out with an XT Pro rack mount version) And a Wah Pedal for that Slipperman EQ trick!!

So I answered my own question! Cab emulated signals from a screaming 100w head CAN rock! (when blended (phase adjusted) with mic'ed speaker cab signal)