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Old 8th May 2009
Lives for gear

James Lehmann
if i got a mini ...heres how i would use it.
1. i would use mainly midi traks driving external midi modules.
(instead of useing processor taxeing synth plug ins.)
(eg check out roland sonic cel, ketron sd2, and many used
midi modules you can find often for as low as 50 buks.)
the beauty of midi traks driving external midi modules...
is they place minimum load on a system.
i bet on that mini you could do a slew of midi traks.
and achieve dense song mixes.
you just need a cheap line mixer to mix the audio from the external
midi modules and then record as an audio trak.
(you would need a midi interface of course also.)
this is the way folks used to do things in the 80's decade when
systems were puny by todays standards.
ie lots of midi traks.
in summary i would keep audio traks mainly for the upfront lead traks.
eg vocals whatever.
2. its my understanding you can add an external 7200 rpm drive.
eg mini stack ?? . i would talk to mac add on sellers.
eg Find the latest Performance Upgrades, Firewire and USB Hard Drives, SATA, Memory, Laptop Battery, and more at OWC
and see what they say. so if were me i would look at that option.
preferably a 7200 rpm drive with 32 mb cache.
you could also look at putting a regular 7200 rpm drive in a drive enclosure kit for example.
i notice one drive enclosure kit i got for my pc says for mac too.
but check all this out mate. n see whats possible by talking to mac add on sellers.