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The journy to St. Die is an eye-[ear]opener!

Hello all, ,

//Personal background: Let me state here that I am not in the industry (rather, just music lover - I 'hate' HiFi [but love music]), but actually am a greenkeeper (yes, get paid for mowing the lawn!). Ex-(USA)patriot living in Germany more-or-less since '71 and the only studio I 'know' was in Frankfurt, the Hotline Studio (during construction and opening - did some custom leather work for the control room) and only once did I have a genuine master tape on loan (Boney M - Daddy Cool) and a Fostex open reel to audition it for a short while. However, I happen to have an above-average memory for things I've heard and I judge my hearing as at 'bronze' level (taken my age of 55 into consideration). Phew! OK... Daddy Cool played over custom, 100W A/B-powered (were they Beck, Beyer... German construction? & ElectroVoice x-overs) 12" triaxel Altecs in 350L plywood cabinets on 3ft. stands ('never should have sold them!), left a lasting impression on me. I suppose I am not the first to ask, "why can't that sense of realism as I remember [via master tape] be recreated on LPs, CDs, etc.?"//

But here is my reason for joining your forum:

Mr. Jean Jaques Bacquet asked me to read into your link and report back. (This is kind of crazy as his English is somewhat better than my truly poor French!) And right here I'd like to thank you all from him for your kind and positive comments. I agree with all of them.

We met a week ago for the first time when I visited a [HiFi-crazy] friend who lives near St. Die. Friend Peter has Mr. Bacquet's Studio 15s & stands in his bedroom (!) rig (Avantgarde Trios for the lounge). He wanted the two of us to meet and also to get my opinion on the Studio 30s (& Studio 20s, 25s?). Coincidence, Peter says, living in the boondocks, and look who else is here too! Both Peter and Mr. Bacquet are masterminds.

"There are no mistakes [in life]," I was told as a kid by a noted mystic and several years ago I consequently did-over my stereo system based upon what I have [expensively, due to learning curve] learned to like = no sensationalism, for one. I was astonished, to say the least, that Klinger Favre, Mr. Bacquet's 'goals', appear to be spot-on with what I have learned to like and seek in my persuance of musical appreciation. I have not been everywhere and seen and heard everything (meaning 'gear', 'kit' available to the HiFi and Pro markets), but I've tried to since age 11.

Klinger Favre:
I did not hear the D/A. I did hear the speakers, amp and wire(s). We also visited a nearby custom (active) home installation that I recall as one of the best playback systems I have ever heard* (6Hz bass), and it would have been rude to count all the [dozens of?] 'Klinger Favre' labels visible and bundles of their wire - likely costing more than the house I'm living in...

In Mr. Bacquet's studio I was not at all surprised not to 'hear' him following a flute playing over his [Studio 25] speakers. That is, that their sonic thumb print, so I like to say, was just as 'real' as real..., conversely, 'invisible.'

For my "what it is worth" comments, that is, in my opinion:
The amp plays almost identical to my Gryphon Tabu Century integrated that also uses C-core transformers. In a pinch I might tend more toward the Klinger Favre but mine has an on-board phono board (PS1), worth to me alone what the amp cost. His wires appear a close match to my Zu Audio's top-of-the-line (Zu's designers used to be Product Managers for Kimber), and his speakers, as mentioned above, are 'invisible.' I [meanwhile] recognize dynamics, especially in home playback, after knowing my own speakers (Zu), and Klinger Favre; both get that department right (so many companies do not).

His 'Moving Board' (or whatever the name) instrument base using the roller balls technique also "blew me away" and belong to the 'affordable' world-class value deals.

As an end-user of your products, I strongly suggest investing into as much Klinger Favre product as you can afford. Expensive, yes, but not overpriced.

* Sounded like a blown up version of Gryphon's Poseidon. Gryphon's Flemming E. Rasmussen owns many (100s?) 1st and 2nd generation master tapes and this is why his products "have their nose forward" in [home] playback systems. By the way, Mr. Bacquet was pleased that I made this comparison - he is a fan (both use, "similar electronic devices" -JJB), of Gryphon too!

Right now I am awaiting delivery of my Zu Audio Essence loudspeakers. I presently own their Druid Credenza and [Hypex plate amp] MiniMethod sub. I brought the sub with me to St. Die and Mr. Bacquet was surprised just how fast and well it integrated on the fly with his speakers. Zu's cables are the deal of the century in my opinion though maybe topped by Klinger Favre. I'd have to audition the two for some time to be more specific but both are mighty similar in "doing things right that other manufacturers don't even think about." Last not least, GERMAN HIGHEND make silver signal and speaker cables that work too... Understanding physics and good ears... I'm crap on the one but decent on the other and,


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