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Originally posted by e-cue
I'm suprised you like the Ultrabass Jay... The sub processor in the ultrafex works better for me than my Ultrabass unit which is collecting vast amounts of dust back home. The main sound I got with mine was a subby 'dub' bass sound that sounded ****ty and resistant when mixed in with the original signal, or it had no attack (sometimes a good thing I guess) on it's own. To each his/her own.
I've never used the Ultrafex. Guess I'll have to try it whenever I come across one.

What I hate is when I get a mix together and it's good but too dull. I wish GML had a box that was just a high shelf EQ. Too many times (like last night) I find myself trying to cut back mids or lows and adding top to get the brightness up and wrecking the mix that I have.