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Thumbs up not a formula, but some insight

Hey low freaks! here's a little insight regarding kick and bass...

First a link as this is way too much info (plus images) for this posting area...

Cardioid mics positioned close to the source generate lots of extra bottom -- up to 12dB!! And lots of "kick mics" have a 5kHz presence peak to compensate. The trick to feeling the kick is NOT adding bottom but rolling it off -- not high pass but shelf. If it's too clicky (like MD421 or any of the dedicated kick mics), then change the mic to one with no mid bump. You might also try a omni mic as there will be no proximity effect.

The need to add bottom is both a monitoring issue AND a consumer audio "loudness button" issue.

More than anything is the issue of masking -- what we get used to -- hence the foundation of kick and bass is really important and the link will point to pix of cardioid mic response including proximity curves.

Bass can be EQ'd "almost" anyway you want because it will be "placed" to compliment the kick -- you can also sidechain kick and bass through a compressor so that the kick punches holes into the bass.

hope this helps.