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Hey, great info fellas-keep the good stuff coming!

That was an interesting comment about riding the tape effect on the Hedd- I'll have to try that one out since I don't have a tape machine, any related tips on using the Hedd to get a more authentic sound are appreciated since I just got one two weeks ago, love it so far.

I guess this is more of a tracking issue than an eq/compression one, but I've been trying to get a kick that has definition on the top end without the click (for RnB/Jazzy downtempo) and a drummer friend of mine has started to use the old school kick beaters that are huge and soft instead of the smaller harder ones you normally see. I really liked the sound when he showed me- shame they don't make beaters like that anymore- and I've been thinking about using one on a project coming up in the next couple weeks.

Has anyone ever tracked with a big ol' beater and if so what disadvantages become apparent- I guess I'm just wondering if its a waste of time and I should track with a normal beater and use eq and compression to get rid of the click...