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Originally posted by robot gigante
...a drummer friend of mine has started to use the old school kick beaters that are huge and soft instead of the smaller harder ones you normally see....
That's a good one! I changed the beater on my Iron Cobra to a bigger one, that has a lot more definition and punch!
I like the D.W. one, both sides. But I would like to hear one that is 1/4 bigger.

Originally posted by Pricey
I'm using Nuendo. The kick or snare hits have been isolated as separate "events" by the Strip Silence function. I select all the events, go to the Process menu, and apply Normalize to all the events at once. Then I apply Envelope to all the events at once. Nuendo lets you draw the exact envelope curve you want and preview the sound.
What a great featur! I need to do that manualy in Logic or ProTools. That featur is on my wish list right on top for years!