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You are building a recording by assembling or mixing together elements when you are doing a recording.
Putting off everything until mix is just collecting a bunch of elements and then sorting them out later.
There is so much required to build a good sound going to "tape" in many instruments like drums and some GTR stuff.
There are just some instruments (ie. drums and ACSTC) that I don't want to hear un-EQ'd through-out the whole tracking process.

I have always EQ'd everything to sound decent on the way in.
I also EQ at mix in order to tweak the sound of the pieces to get them to sit even better.

I have a question to ask of the folks that don't EQ until mix...

Do you record a drum kit flat?
Do you record GTRs and ACSTC flat?
Do you do EQ in your DAWs mixer to listen to while continuing tracking or do you leave everything flat until mixdown?

In the analog tape days it was almost always necessary to EQ to tape in order to keep from adding hiss and other weird stuff because you were EQ'ing the tape noise.
Still, I knew guys that cut to 2" flat and EQ'd at mix.
As a rule they were not very good engineers.

Don't experiment!
Be boold!
Know what sounds good and ANTICIPATE the final result!
KNOW what you are building!
Have a F' ing vision!