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Frederic, how is the integration of the studio 15 with the Velodyne sub? Quick comparison with the IB2/UCD combo?

I saw a picture of a Red and one of a White version with matching stands! Cool!!!

Price range?
the studio 15 are 4000€ each excluding VAT
dual dedicated class D amp with balanced input with lundhal amorphous core xformer
1650€ (if my memory is good )

note that the speakers as well as DAC and amps are all floating,
not electronicaly but mecanicaly
they're all decoupled with 3 x 1" iron balls
the weiss dac were choosed for their neutrality, price and ... weight heh

about the integration of the studio 15 and velodyne, sweet, i'd prefer a 15" but the sound played in the installation have huge sub basses so the 18" was better in this case
the variety of settings available with the DD series is the key to match the speakers and subs ...