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Hi all,

I am a proud user of an amplified D26 pair. I discovered Klinger Favre reading a French audio forum, Audio Addict.

Here is a picture of them presented in the SATIS 2007 in Paris:

They are small speakers, but do not be fooled, those are carrying way more bass than most of its counterparts, and with a better definition. Apart from some lack in extreme bass frequencies, those speakers share the same qualities as the D46, studio 15 and studio 30: defined, neutral and dynamic sound. The major difference between all those speakers is the amount of power and bass that can be delivered.

As aileka, I also went to Klinger Favre's Auditorium in Saint Dié / France to listen to all of his products. I ended up with the amplified D26 (not listed on his website) just because I could not afford the other models! I dream of a studio 15 pair coupled with the DAC and the precision amplifier, all linked with Klinger Favre cables.
I think my quest for DAC / amplifiers / speakers / cables is now over, I have found my graal. Now I only have to find the is not cheap, but worth it!

I had the occasion to compare a Benchmark Media DAC1 to the Klinger Favre DAC.
=> Ouch, not even in the same league!!! I was not expecting that! Klinger Favre DAC made the DAC1 sound thin, flat without any bass and with a poor stereo imaging, I could not believe it, it was so obvious!

Jean-Jacques's craftmenship is superb, with big attention to details, a real passionnate guy and a pleasure to meet.

I encourage anybody to go to St Dié / France and listen for probably one of the better sounding audio chain in the world.