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Flying Cloud construction

Since I have a good, big room for listening/mixing, I'm dealing with ceiling reflections before bass traps. The Ultra-touch I have is too limp for this, so I went and found my local SPI and got 6 panels of Roxul Safe 4" (4.5pcf).

This is a bit on the limp side, but I didn't need the extra density. The first thing is to build a pair of 4'x4' frames to hang from the ceiling.

The first attempt used flashing and rivets. This is very light, but lacked stiffness and had sharp edges. The edges would be a problem when it comes to wraping fabric around it and attaching chain or wire to the thin metal would be tough.

Besides, I hadn't used my crown stapler in a while....

Rev 2 uses 1/2 and 1/4" thick poplar. This was easy to build and much stiffer than the flashing frame. It's a little heavier, but I have lots of options for eyelets when I go to fly it.

Here's pictures of the two models 001 is the bottom sides and 002 is the top sides.


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