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I was just on the phone with a reputable A&R friend working for one of the majors and told me one of his bands got dropped. I helped the band last year make their second album and though the sales weren' spectacular (who is nowadays?), they were building up bit by bit. We were careful on the $ spent and with the project I worked on, managed to be under budget by about $10,000 (out of $50,000). People may think $50,000 is ample budget, but here in Japan, it's not so when woroking in SSL/Neve rooms, and we managed to squeeze in the band tracking in NYC with the good **** and mixing back home.

It just makes me furious to find that for the people "up there", it's all about the short term prospects nowadays. I know very well it's a business and one has to comply to an extent, but wonder where the artists that need some development over time are going to go and be appreciated fully.

Sorry for being slightly off topic, but in relation to the thread, I try to be responsible for the $ spent and not to strangle the artists.