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This is an excellent thread that poses a great question and is sure as hell to give us some different perspectives on the now stalled MM saga.

Locally here in Australia... most albums i have worked on have been by local indie labels or self financed 'artists' and they have ranged from $5000 - $15000 Australian.. half for US $. There simply is no money in local productions. I am in the process of planning an album for a band that im about to start developing and i WONT be spending over $5000 Australian for it finnished. Granted i will be using some big time favours from studio crew to use down time etc and borrow beg and steal what i need from friends to get the job done. But i feel given the amount of time a budget dictates its really in the hands of the band, artist and or producer to wring the most out of that time and get the performances they need.

Most of my fave rock and roll albums were or are live affairs that were recorded in shitty studios, but the vibe and performance shone thru.. thas whats its about for me.. I would love to have the opportunity to spend the $$ on a big production and call in the hookers and coke dealers, drum techs, feng shui experts etc but i think i would really be outa my league.

If more $$ were to come my way i would just hire out a bitchin room for drums, pres and outboard and drums, snares etc. Still do all the overdubs @ usual haunts and then go to the $$$ places to mix a few tracks, remix them @ usual haunt, compare and see if the $$ studio was worth it. If so mix the entire proejct there.

But ultimately i think a big budget is a big security blanket for mediocrity. It gives u a level of proctection and security that for many people helps them lose focus and perspective on the big picture. YMMV