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Hmmm... I guess I think of it this way. Let's say the song needs a djembe on it - the $3K production uses the best djembe sample they can find, the $30K production uses the best djembe player they can find in a couple hundred mile radius, and the $300K production flies a lable mook & an 'associate producer' (or some other meaningless title that suggests actual involvement with the recording process) to Africa to look for the 'perfect' djembe player, who has never been exposed to western influences, thus retaining his "purity & authenticity". Meanwhile, the producer (if he's at all practical) has gone with the best djembe sample he can find (or possibly the drummer/percussionist for the sessions on a borrowed/rented instrument) because he knows no one not actually present for the session will be able to tell the difference once it's mixed with the other 95 (or 127) tracks & squished 'til it cries uncle by the mastering engineer (by the express direction of the well-tanned mook upon return from his quixotic African quest).