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Originally posted by slipperman
If I get a choice of these three classes of record budget I will definitely take the last. And not just for the money....

I am slow. VERY SLOW. THE SLOWEST. BEYOND TORPID. Sloth-like . More budget buys me more time. More time buys me more of the feeling that what is finished is truly the intention of the author(s). I'm happy to fight off all the associated "evils" to gain the time.

Yes. Even if I'm HATING the record.
Man, a day or two of thinking and THAT's what you came up with? Personally I like to work fast and make decisions on my feet. I hate putting things off until later when I'm recording. Now, cleaning the house or whatever is a different story. That's when I start to practice "alternative time management." I'm always telling my clients and potential clients that I can work as fast, if not faster then they can so if the project goes overbudget, it ain't my fault.

I can honestly say that I don't know if I could record a $300K album and spend every penny. I'm sure I could if given the chance but in the end I doubt it would be better then the $30K record. But, we'd have a hell of a lot more fun in the process and that has gotta count for something. I hope...

Honestly Slippy, I figured you'd have more to say about this one. I know that one of the bands that's spending time in your haunt has worked there in the past, given that the budget is a bit larger this time around what are you hoping to accomplish this time that you didn't on the last few records? (which are damn good BTW)

There's time to screw with things because you can and then there's time to screw with them because you need to. I always find the time when I need to. I've never really finished a project, I just move on when I feel like I can live with it. Sometimes having more time is bad. YMMV.