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Old 23rd March 2003
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Budgets... $3K vs. $30K vs. $300K

I make lots of records for $3K each and I've worked on some $30K albums too. It's not hard to spend $30K on a full length, but when the budget gets opened up to $200K or more what options does that open for you? Does it solve problems or just create new ones?

More time to get the right performance? What about more time on sounds? Obviously you can throw money at ANY problem that comes up. The guitar amps suck? Let's buy or rent some in. Wanna spend $8K on drum rentals? Go for it. The band and crew need to eat right? It goes from pizza every night to some decent catering. But, will spending $300K it make the overall album 10 times better then a $30K record? On the flip side, if your used to working on $300K albums and now you have to make one for $40K where do you cut back and say 'good enough'? Is it sounds, performance or both?