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Old 3rd May 2009
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who knows KLINGER FAVRE Speakers ? stunning !

Hi all !

just wanted to mention them here,
KLINGER FAVRE Audio, HI-FI d'exception

i worked last week on a system with 6 Klinger Favre studio 15 for a contemporary art project, and was really impressed, by how they sounded.
( my reference speakers are actually my PMC IB2s powered with 2 hypex ucd700hg based amps )

the studio 15 had a large and detailed soundstage, full of innerdetails, very neutral..
i listened some accoustic sources and field recordings , they just sounded like the real thing !

does anyone have heard of them or mixed / mastered with them ?

ps they were matched with 6 velodyne DD18 subs !!! just huge ...