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Hi James,
I've been using the last-gen Mini for years, and just picked up a new one for my home theater. Here are my experiences:

1) I've found the new Mini to be dead silent while it's streaming 1920x1080 HDTV, which used to eventually cause my old machine's fans to kick on.
2) No experience here.
3) In the near future I'm going to buy NewerTech miniStack drives for both machines. I don't know if the second mechanism will be more or less quiet than a 7200rpm internal + more fan noise.
4) At the moment I'm using the included mini DVI to DVI, with a DVI-HDMI cable going into a 46" Samsung with no problems.
5) So far, the graphics card has been head and shoulders above the old Intel GMA.
6) I'd never migrate from PPC to Intel again. I did it from my TiBook to my MBP and had problems until I reformatted. Personally, I rebuild my machines manually- it's a good chance to trim down what's installed, since I wind up trying/testing a lot of software.
7) Not sure about this.

I've had no issues running 16+ track Logic Pro sessions with SpectraFoo inthe background while doing full resolution screencast recordings. The older Mini is my Metric Halo production machine. We got it so that I could record better tutorial movies, since my MacBook Pro's fans would kick on at the most inopportune times…

I think the Intel Minis have gotten a bad rep for performance. While it certainly doesn't come close to an 8 core MacPro, I've never had a problem with it getting the job done. It also ran soundBlade and PMCD flawlessly.