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Old 29th April 2009
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In almost every session I have seen (as player, engineer, or hanger) the guitarist(s) show up with a BAG of different picks. Different shapes, different materials, different thicknesses. They grab the one that'll give them their desired tone for the track (not unlike grabbing a different guitar).

Coming from the bluegrass world, I have the best luck with heavier picks.... that's my 300lb gorrilla. When I need a more sparkly sound I can usually lighten my grip or change the pick angle to achieve the desired effect.

My everyday, go-to pick is made by RED BEAR TRADING company (Style C I believe). It is made to simulate the tone and feel of the well polished tortoise shell picks of yester-year. I also have an affinity for WEGEN picks (esp. for mandolin) and have had great success with the Clayton line (though I wear them out too quickly).

My point in all of this cumbersome drivel...

Go to your local store and by 2 of each pick they sell... then try them out. Rinse and repeat... When you've decided on a favorite (or 2) make sure you buy a gross. The next time you're at your local guitar-world-mega-lo-fi-mart, they'll explain to you that your new holy-grail-of-tone pick has been discontinued.... permanently....

Best of luck and happy strummin!