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just pick a pick and adjust to taste to record with your c12. this isn't that big a deal.

You guys must understand this is CRAZY from my perspective... Literally all I work with is session players (movies, TV, Grammys, etc..)...

And ALL of the players bring multiple picks... So this is why I find it hard to buy the internet responses when Ive seen and played the difference... The guys actually doing the work- mimicing Johnson or Hendrix or Clapton for a session do AMAZING things with guitars and picks and old recording tricks...

Man this just shows the ignorance out there! The cool guys in the spotlight may LIE and say they don't care which pick but the minute these guys are in the studio, they are selecting picks... As in stop the session, I want to switch picks for this... The one thing Fletcher always says thats right is these are TOOLS. Funny people don't want to include picks in the "tool" dept.

So its interesting to hear people say the pick doesn't matter when the platinum artists and session players disagree... Ill go with them to be honest! But Im sure some great music has been made with complete abandon in regards to pick selection- Im not arguing that whatsoever!

Im off to studio A where the rooms tail and top end remove any care I had for the "pick attack"... But don't worry Ill be back to mix it up with some more ridiculously ignorant responses tomorrow!