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Originally Posted by whitepapagold View Post
But gear pimps should stick with what they know- selling GTQs!
well, your consistent.i'll give you that!

i play geetar and while i know what you're saying, i'll go with fletch on this one. how you pick, strum your guitar, where you strum,pick your guitar has more emphasis than which pick. i use different picks for different needs, like for mostly picked or strummed parts, but find just adjusting how i hold the pick, how much of it i expose and partly incorporate with some fleshy dampening from my thumb and finger has more effect than what pick i use.

just pick a pick and adjust to taste to record with your c12. this isn't that big a deal.

eric johnson worked for years developing a 'technique' to nearly make his pick attack inaudible. technique > equipment,everytime.stop sweating the small stuff, and go bust your piggie bank on 20 different picks and have a free for all.