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With thin picks you get the percussiveness of the pick more than the sound of the string. With heavier picks you get less pick sound and more string. That is the essential rule. Now, the way you hold the pick and the angle to which the pick actually attacks the strings makes a huge difference in sound as well. Also, where your pivot is from (fingers, wrist, elbow). All these things are factors.

For electric, I use a small teardrop Clayton 1.00 mm - I am generally a Strat and Telly guy but I also use it with a Les Paul. I believe this is the same pick that Dean Parks uses when playing electric.

For acoustic, I use a large triangle Wegen and at the moment, the mm escapes me. It is either 1.00 mm or 1.2 mm.

Now I also attack the strings on an angle because that is where the tone comes from. I know lots of folks are taught to play parallel to the strings. I am not about to open up an argument on that topic. I only know what works for me and I have been fairly successful playing Flatpick Contests in the past. For me, it's all about TONE.

I get great results recording with these picks. But again, I am used to them. I have no idea how you attack the strings etc so these picks might not work for you at all or may at first seem cumbersome. I have spent a lot of time thru the years playing with various picks including tortoise shell and for me, the above seems to work for me the best.

Hope some of this helps.