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Which guitar pick for a CK 12 capsule...?

Heres a question for anyone who owns or tracks regularly a mic with an original CK 12 capsule- don't care which mic but mine is a C414eb specifically (Would love to hear from ELAM owners). Specifically strumming.

Ive gotten picky about picks as a player and for recording but having tracked all day purely for fun with my 414 Ive come to a delimma. I always like a nylon dunlop for playing electric and am VERY used to that pick (the light grey almost white) BUT its too tame on acoustic. For tracks to sit underneath great but on top.. nope... I LOVE the sound I get off my acoustic with a fender thin, which I hate to play with but fine. The issue is I don't like the glassy pick attack with that plastic edge... The top end with the nylon is way sweeter but less articulate and open... Anything thick sounds way too clunky with my Martin- its crazy midrange heavy, so I have to use something super thin to get that airy strumming sound.

SO what picks do you guys like to track with? Ive always used the thin but with the added top of the CK 12 I'd like something not so brittle in the high mids. The Fender thin can cut a great track so Im fine but man if I could just take that edge off BEFORE hitting the mic... Im being pretty pick though I admit.

My room is relatively dead and Im not getting crap reflections or phasey top- I actually really like my room! But its dead on top so I don't get much ambience smoothing things out with natural tails and such.

SO- Favorite choice for a pick used on acoustic guitar for a CK 12 capsule. ( I know they vary but the top end on a good cap is pretty universal and impossible to replicate IMHO) Whats bright but smooth? Any new picks from other materials?