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lay some very thin fiberglass cloth or mat and use a cheap paint brush (then throw the brush away). Those foam brushes don't hold enough resin in them and are used for painting, etc.

I like Ethan's idea of laying something smooth on it first. Fiberglass work isn't rocket science, but there are some short cuts, etc that if you've used the stuff, you can get some great results.

Another thought is to spray something on. All I can think of now is something like gelcote, as it would be tough to thin the resin. You can get disposable sprayers (Preval power sprayers, for instance) that are a couple bucks each, and with spraying you can get a much smoother surface.

and $40/gal !! wow.... yeah...if we sell it in our Ship's Store... sure.. go to Ace Hardware or something like that. Next to the acetone. You're paying because it's "marine use" so to speak.